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Whisper Documentary

Whisper Documentary is the best place to discover secrets about how to make your first documentary, filmmaking shortcuts, where did I got stuck and why I wish somebody invented Google in the 70's Just click on an image, listen and see. Agree and desagree

May 12, 2017 VideoPodcast

Talking Documentary & film

Watch the important issues of our times and when I’m saying our times I’m exactly meaning that. For me they are -Whatever happened from the day the world came into existence - to the days this world and my world will cease to exist - they are all issues of my time.

July 18, 2018 VideoPodcast

How Far Would You Go For Your Story

Not all documentaries have to be good and not all stories are good but, at least are yours, ours, their stories and mostly they are whispering some truth.

May 15, 2019 VideoPodcast

People You Meet

Documentaries are those images forgotten in an attic and discovered by your loved once wishing that you still around to talk to them.

July 24, 2016 VideoPodcast

How Fast Is Fast Before You Missed It

Feb 17, 2015 VideoPodcast

No Privacy

May 12, 2016 VideoPodcast

Fixed no Fixed Lens

May 12, 2016 VideoPodcast

Shall I Agree With Them Or Them

May 12, 2016 VideoPodcast

Last Wish And You Are There To Document It

May 12, 2016 VideoPodcast

And The Winner is...or...

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Laurentiu Huianu founded FILMS4FUTURE Films in 2010, with a simple goal

"I want to build a high-quality and modern video production house that could bridge a strong cognitive relationship between our films and the end viewer.

FILMS4FUTURE aims to transform lives through film, by creating high-impact documentaries, promotional videos and very high-end training films

for our clients and the public. I am humbled by your generosity" LH